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Unity Game Developer

文章Sophia Kong » 2日 11月 2023年, 10:25

We are a group of passionate and fun-loving game developers brought together by a shared dream to produce unique digital entertainment experiences. Our energy levels are over 9000, watch out for our unstoppable charge into the future! For more details about us, please visit our website: www.fooniemagus.com & www.apeironnft.com

At Foonie Magus, we believe NFT Games are more than just tools to earn, player ownership of game assets and blockchain technologies have the power to transform traditional gaming into unique digital entertainment experiences. We are constantly seeking high caliber candidates to join our journey in creating a better metaverse.

Unity Game Developer

Job Highlights
NFT Game
Simulation and Action-RPG Genre

- Integrate with blockchain to create the best NFT Game
- Work with top artists in the World to craft a masterpiece
- Keep pushing your coding skill to yield high quality code
- Write robust test case to secure the work you have done
- Work closely with fellow developers to bring gamers to the next level of web experience. [/list]

- 3+ years of experience working as Unity Game Developer
- Solid understanding of Object-Oriented Programming.
- Experience using Git and collaborative tools.
- Familiarity with all facets of game development: textures, animations, GUI, game physics, particle systems, sound systems, etc.
- Ability to constantly learn and stay in touch with evolving game standards and development technologies.
- Understanding test friendly and highly decoupling design patterns.
- Bachelor’s/Master’s degree in computer science, engineering or equivalent industry experience

A Video Game library that puts normal gamers to shame
Top player of an Esport or highly competitive Game
Regular player of an existing NFT Game
Cover letter (recommended)

Working Location: Causeway Bay, Hong Kong.

You will have the opportunity for a highly competitive, comprehensive benefit package that the Foonie Magus provides to employees.
Please send your application and Portfolio materials to Miss Sophia Kong at sophia.kong@fooniemagus.com. Please include your current and expected salary in your resume. For information regarding our company and APEIRON IP please visit www.fooniemagus.com and www.apeironnft.com
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