SIMAGE - 3D Animator for animated feature film

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SIMAGE - 3D Animator for animated feature film

文章matthew_simage » 8日 9月 2023年, 15:24

SIMAGE - 3D Animator for animated feature film

• Create high quality animations that portray character personalities consistent with the style and vision as laid out by our Animation Director.
• Demonstrate a superior sense of posing, timing, and weight.
• Continuously push the quality of the animations.
• Help to identify and solve animation process and implementation issues.


• Substantial portfolio of work demonstrating character-based animation.
• A strong sense of acting, posing, timing, appeal, and all other animation principles.
• Familiarity with implementing animations in Unreal Engine is a plus.

Please send detailed resume and expected salary, available date with portfolio links to Matthew Chow of SIMAGE animation and media ltd via email
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