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Free-D Workshop | Unreal Artist

文章free-d workshop » 5日 7月 2022年, 17:02

Free-D Workshop is seeking Unreal Artist to work on feature film


Utilizes Unreal Engine for film or animation production
In-engine look development and scene assembly
In-engine cinematics / cutscenes creation
Integrate assets into Unreal Engine
Any other ad-hoc duties


Basic Understanding of real-time rendering
Basic Understanding of composition, colour theory, lighting, and photography
Basic Knowledge of 3d production process
Good eye and attention to details

Any of the following skills is an advantage:

Knowledge of Substance3d (e.g. Painter, Designer, Alchemist)
Knowledge with animation inside the Unreal Engine
Experience of using Metahuman
Experience with a traditional CGI renderer (e.g. Renderman, Arnold, Vray)
Proficiencies in creating photo-realistic results in Unreal Engine
Previous experience in a VFX environment
Excellent problem-solving ability

Fresh graduate will also be considered
Interested parties please send resume, portfolio / web link and expected salary to :
free-d workshop
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