xsi 7 render openexr 問題

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xsi 7 render openexr 問題

文章hahasum » 22日 5月 2010年, 19:37

我用xsi7render openexr format,我channel output add左main,diffuse,specular,reflection and ambient,跟住filename set [Pass] ,但render會出errror話framebuffer一樣唔比render,之後我再set [Pass]_[frameBuffer],但出左好多張openexr既圖,請問有咩方法可以一張圖包 含所以channel呢?
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文章HapZungLam » 5日 6月 2010年, 02:12

I forgot how XSI7 behave but it should be very simmular to the lastest 2010.

Im assuming that you want to click one click and render all passes/channel/buffer whatever you want to call it (different application has a different name)

First off, Softimage doesn't render 1 image contains multiple channels. Not as I know. Some of the format doesn't able to contains layers. Maybe you need to do some scripting for that, I donno.

In the file name, [pass] is the naming of the pass; [framebuffer] is the naming of the channel.

eg. your pass is call ABC, and you are going to render a specular channel. If you type in [pass][framebuffer], your filename will be ABCSpecular.1.exr

You may click on "Show Resolved Paths" and you'll understand the naming convansion.

If your scene has only 1 pass. Then don't even bother putting in [pass] in your file name.
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