It's difficult to find job in hk

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It's difficult to find job in hk

文章DamonHo » 11日 8月 2004年, 12:56

Anyone use XSI feel terrible to get a job in hk??? Although i just graduated at vancouver film school in feb 2004, i still can't get a job easily. most companies in hk they dont' use XSI. please share any idea with me.
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註冊時間: 19日 3月 2004年, 08:36
來自: Vancouver

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文章HapZungLam » 11日 8月 2004年, 21:32

I believe its not only XSI. Its hard to get a job in everywhere in the world no matter what program you specialize.

in my company. There is over 50% of the empolyee don't hvae XSI experience. Although my company mainly using XSI. They train all the new comers. It does not depend on which software you use (i don't think it depend on how talent you are also, but you can't be a noob of cuz) , it depend on your networking and connections. It is all about in the world on any other career.
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