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PolyU Design, Master of Science 多媒體科藝理學碩士

文章sdpolyu » 14日 7月 2011年, 16:36

Hello Everyone,

Just a quick post to mention that the final application deadline for PolyU's MSc in Multimedia and Entertainment Technology is rapidly approaching. If you've considered applying, please don't delay!

As they do every year, the slots in this year's program have filled rapidly with amazing students. The application period for our third and final intake ends on July 22nd, and with it we'll be selecting the remaining students who will round out this year's program. No more slots will be available after this final intake. We'd still love to have you join us!

As I'm sure you know, the MScMET is one of the most exciting and innovative degrees in Asia, and slots are very competitive. Don't let this prevent you from applying, though, because you might be exactly who we're looking for as we fill these final slots. We are carefully choosing an optimal student mix to maximize everyone's learning and commercial success, not just taking the top academic performers that apply.

Each potential student is individually interviewed by senior faculty. You're not just a resume or academic transcript. You are someone with a rich life history and unique knowledge and skills...all of which might be exactly what we're looking for. Take a chance and find out!

Getting one of these few remaining slots will change the course of your life. The careful attention we pay to building each student body is a key component in why each cohort is so successful, and why we have an amazing alumni network for you to step into.

Each year our program is revised in close consultation with our industry partners. This year, we've revolutionized learning in this space yet again by incorporating "Streams" that are aligned with the latest advances in both research and industry.

The streams you select ensure that you build a strong foundation in one or more key areas, such as: video game development, social and mobile media, animation and visual effects, and/or applied design psychology/media psychology. You then build on this foundation by selecting electives that allow you to dive deeply into your specific areas of interest.

Because we're a polytechnic university, our program is uniquely designed to align with what is most desired by industry at the time each class graduates. Our one year, accelerated, format (full time) allows us to ensure that what you learn on day one is still highly desired by industry the day you graduate. A part-time option is also available.

We only have one goal...to turn out superstars who become legends by taking the industry to undreamt of heights. Become one! Send us your application today, we'd love to talk to you!


The final round of the information session will be organized on 19 July 2011, Tuesday at 7pm - 8pm in PolyU campus: Room PQ002, G/F, Core P. Please make seat reservation via https://services.sd.polyu.edu.hk/mscinfosession/.

Dr. Gino Yu
Program Leader, MScMET
Associate Professor, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Director, Digital Entertainment and Game Development, School of Design, HKPU
Founder, Hong Kong Digital Entertainment Association
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