Taking Tibetan staples to the next level- Gesangmedo

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Taking Tibetan staples to the next level- Gesangmedo

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Taking Tibetan staples to the next level- Gesangmedo
Break down Tibetan food into its essence and you can count the ingredients on one hand. Geography and isolation left a spartan diet that poses a conundrum for modern day restaurateurs. How to capture the richness of Tibetan culture through its food? The answer, as Gesangmedo aptly demonstrates, is to improvise.Mixing Tibetan staples, like mutton and tsampa, with Indian and Chinese influences, Gesangmedo creates a culinary smorgasbord worthy of a discerning palate and is a welcome addition to Beijing's small number of Tibetan restaurants. The baobing yangrou, a creamy pastry filled with lamb and spices, and the zhuchajuan, tofu rolls stuffed with pork, mushrooms, and the occasional crab stick (though these would be best left out) are dripping with flavor, albeit of a hearty, rustic variety.
Best washed down with beer, owner Deng Jun tries to impress upon diners the values of yak butter tea. Usually described as 'rancid' by seasoned travelers, it is a mixture of tea, salt, milk, and yak's butter and for once, the travel guides are right, it's undrinkable. However according to Deng Jun, the drink is immensely popular with clients.
Deng has used Gesangmedo to turn a lifelong passion for Tibetan art into a profession. Under a wooden beamed ceiling, painted with traditional motifs, diners recline on primary coloured sofas, surrounded by dozens of curios collected on Deng's annual mountaineering expeditions to Tibet. Prayer flags and a shrine welcome you when you first step in.
The enthusiasm for Tibetan culture does not stop at the dinner table. At around 9pm, a procession of Tibetan musicians appear to perform a kind of 'music', akin to nails being raked across a blackboard, while at another table, inebriated customers puffed away on Tibetan horns in a mind-blowing cacophony of noise and cultural immersion. What's Tibetan for 'cheers?'
SW corner of Xindong Lu and Dongzhimenwai, next to Xanadu
Tel: 010-6417-9269

Experience Tibet's everlasting charm

Everywhere you look in Tibet be it the walls, the earth, the sky or people's clothing you will see bright patches of red, yellow, green or blue. In Gesangmedo, customers will experience all these colours.
Gesangmedo displays original Tibetan culture. Colourful paintings of the architecture, wooden carvings, statues of God, Mani stone inscriptions, Tangka, Buddhist shrines and many Buddhist scriptures; these are all works of masters. Your love of the brilliant and splendid Tibetan culture will make you many friends at Gesangmedo. Taste traditional Tibetan food and Gesangmedo choice dishes, drink qingke barley wine and buttered tea at the simple, yet elegant and fashionable restaurant.
Locals go great lengths to present the foods offered at Gesangmedo. Fresh lamb is transported from Northwest China every day. The same lamb was used to treat players of Real Madrid and Beckham, as well as financial ministers from around the world during their conference in Beijing.
Shangri-La earthenware hot pot and Shangri-La preserved pork are two other notable specialities. The foods at Gesangmedo are pure, healthy and from the wild. Gesangmedo's qingke barley wine comes in three forms: 6-degree, 8-degree and 46-degree. These are authentically Tibetan; they smell good and taste better. Many customers will be ordering the weaker wines, but the 46-degree drink will not leave you with a hangover the next morning. The 46-degree wine has been stored for 12 years.
Opening time: 10am-2:30pm, 6pm-10pm.
Tea and drinks available from 2:30-6pm.
Address: Southwest corner of the crossroad between Dongzhimenwai Dajie and Xindong Lu, Chaoyang District, directly opposite the Canadian Embassy to the south.

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你看看,到處在西藏,無論是牆壁,地球,天空或人的服裝,您會看到光明的補丁的紅色,黃色,綠色或藍色。在gesangmedo ,客戶將所有的經驗,這些顏色。
gesangmedo顯示原來的藏族文化。色彩繽紛的畫的建築,木制雕刻,雕像上帝,瑪尼石刻,唐卡,佛教聖地和許多佛經;這些都是工程的主人。您的愛的輝煌和燦爛的藏族文化將讓您的許多朋友在gesangmedo 。品味藏族傳統食品和gesangmedo選擇的菜餚,飲料qingke青稞酒和奶油茶,在簡單的,但優雅和時髦的餐廳。

當地人去偉大的長度,以目前的食品提供gesangmedo 。新鮮羊肉是運送從中國西北地區的每一天。同時羔羊是用來治療球員的皇家馬德裡和貝克漢姆,以及財長來自世界各地的會議期間,在北京舉行。

香格裡拉大酒店陶器火鍋和香格裡拉大酒店保留豬肉的另外兩個顯著的特點。食物gesangmedo是純,健康和從野生。 gesangmedo的qingke青稞酒來在三種形式: 6度, 8度和46度。這些都是真實藏族,他們的氣味和滋味好更好。許多客戶將訂購較弱的葡萄酒,但46度的飲料是不會離開你宿醉,第二天早上。 46度的葡萄酒已儲存了12年。

開放時間:上午10:00 - 2 : 30pm ,至下午六時-晚上10時。
電話:010 - 6417 - 9269 。





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