Wacom Cintiq 21" 95% new

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Wacom Cintiq 21" 95% new

文章gsxr824 » 10日 8月 2011年, 15:14

Hey guys,

I have the new 21" cintiq for sale. I have had it for less than a year, but I don't use it much -.-
not enough to justify keeping this.

http://www.wacom-asia.com/news/story/wa ... en-display

I haven't really taken any photos yet. It looks just like new. No scratch nothing, I have a protection film over too. If anyone is seriously interested I can put up photos and talk about price. I paid roughly 18K for this. If you know what Cintiq is, you know they aren't cheap.

I open to offer and even a trade + $$$. (I'm looking for 12" cintiq)
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註冊時間: 10日 8月 2011年, 13:56

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